Mystic Adventure Holidays organized Bhutan Tours is an unforgettable destination for those that have the possibility to go to it. The country has such an expensive culture, which presents a good combination of Buddhism, and also the Himalayan heritage. They embrace their culture and traditions within the lifestyle, from arts, and rituals to their national clothes. Bhutanese culture is one of the most reasons why travelers are taken with the country. Once you're here, you'll see and visit the foremost remarkable dzongs (fortresses), stunning monasteries and Chortens, and therefore the oldest temples in the country. Religious destinations are the best samples of Bhutanese architecture with the presence of Buddhism in every corner. Bhutan culture tours are an excellent opportunity for you to genuinely find out about the rich heritage of this country, and one of the foremost popular choices with our customers is the ‘Glimpse of Bhutan’ tour. Places that you just will visit like Punakha Dzong and Paro Rinpung Dzong are a long-lasting image in Bhutanese culture. Moreover, you'll often catch the sight of Bhutanese practicing Buddhism, twirling praying wheels, and fingering praying beads while you're on the way.