Travel Insurance in Nepal

We have repeated time and again the importance of travel insurance, especially when joining an adventurous journey in Nepal. Nepal has all sorts of outdoor activities, from mountaineering and trekking to rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, canoeing, etc. 

As thrilling as these activities are, they are equally dangerous if not done under the proper guidance. And sometimes, even with proper guidance, things can take a turn, and one can get hurt. So, it is essential to have travel insurance to back you up in an emergency in a foreign country. 

Unseen situations like landslides, avalanches, altitude sickness, accidents, unstable weather, and so on can result in unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, we request that all of our guests have travel insurance. 

The Himalayan Rescue Association and Nepal Mountaineering Association manage some parts of the insurance in Kathmandu. However, depending entirely on these organizations cannot be enough in extreme situations, so you are also advised to be in touch with the embassy or international organizations that can give you an insurance facility. 

Some of our strenuous trekking and most of the mandatory climbing and mountaineering packages require travel insurance with a rescue and evacuation policy. Do know that, without travel insurance or the promise of a cash deposit in Kathmandu, rescue services rarely come to aid. 

You can get minor insurance in Nepal for personal belongings, luggage, and travel documents. Likewise, foreigners cannot take out major insurance in Nepal; therefore, you have to get one in your own country.

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DECLARATION: These companies were recommended by our previous travelers and are for recommendation purposes only. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in the Himalayas!