Nepal is rich in the natural landscape as it covers 0.03% of Asia. Hilly, Terai, and Himalayan are three different regions of Nepal where various people have been living for thousands of years. The cultural values and norms are different according to their cast and region. We, Nepalese people, have an ethnic number of castes and cultures living in peace and harmony.
Nepal has hundreds of mountains (about 866 mountains) while Eight mountains are above 8000m altitude from sea level. Our Mystic team wants to climb the mountains and we aid and assist our guests to climb the mountains as we are professionals in this activity. We have experienced guides and climbers to support you in every step of the Trek. 

Tourism is a science of understanding human behavior and their livelihood. Human factors are the sole cause of tourism. The Mystic team is very fond of traveling and also curious about the different places and climates as well as natural landscapes. We want to travel around the world and leave our footprint in every corner of the country. Countryside, Mountain region, and the Terai belt is our destination as we want to explore clubs, food, historical places, tradition, and hidden places too.

Nepalese Food is our emotion and occasion combined as we eat different types of food in different festivals such as we eat Kwati (Kwati is a sprout soup of nine types of beans). Dal Bhat is our National Food.

Nepal is a backpacker’s paradise. The land is stunningly gorgeous, the people are generous and friendly, and the prices are dirt cheap. It’s no surprise that both “trekking” backpackers and “tours” backpackers alike have been flocking to the country for quite some time. But fear not, authentic experiences are still around despite the number of tourists that visit each year. One of the reasons for this is that the Nepalese take their tourism industry very seriously. we want everyone to have a great time, and they genuinely understand why people visit their amazing country.

Especially, what we have in our country

  • Nepal is located between China and India.
  • World rooftop land of Mt.Everest in Nepal (8,848.86 m.)from sea level 
  • Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal.
  • The world's highest mountains are above  8,000m about 8 mountains are here and above 3,000 mountains in Nepal.
  • Rich of the Naturally and peaceful country in Nepal.
  • A lot of historical places which is on the list of Unesco.  
  • Wildlife is very famous in Nepal such as types of birds, types of mammals, and types of plants.    
  • Rich of culture, we have a lot of beautiful festivals and joyful which is interesting for the foreigner.    
  • Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, and Mustang Trekking Region are very famous in Nepal and we are able to see the magnificent views.       
  • Trekking,  mountaineering, Rafting, Hiking, Wildlife, jungle safari, paragliding, Sightseeing, and mountain flight.