Flight Cancellation

Because of Nepal's distinctive geography and climatic variation, there is a high chance of domestic flights getting canceled in adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds, thick fog, etc.). 

The spring and autumn have a lower chance of flight delays and a rarer chance of flight cancellations thanks to stable weather. Besides those two seasons, the flight can get delayed or canceled in other seasons.

Therefore, we usually recommend travelers have one or two extra days while traveling in Nepal, especially if trekking in remote areas. 

Lukla Flight Cancellation

Landing at the Lukla airport, also known as Tenzing Hillary Airport, is no doubt an astounding experience. However, it is also one of those airports at a high elevation of 2,846 meters that sees frequent flight delays and cancellations because of its dramatic location and unpredictable weather. Sometimes, the entire itinerary gets affected because of one-day or half-day delay/cancellation. 

In case your flight gets canceled, you can reschedule the flight for the next day (if you have a spare day in your hand), or Mystic Adventure Holidays can charter a helicopter if you wish. 

Please note: 

  • The company does not bear the expense of rescheduling the flight or charting a helicopter.
  • You may also have to bear the additional expenses of accommodation and food in the event of a delayed return flight. 
  • We have to make necessary changes in the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.

Best Advice:

  • Include flight cancellation in your travel insurance.