Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

Peak climbing is one of the outdoor activities that is done in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It gives you a thrilling adventure between diverse landscapes and natural vegetation. This is risky as well as challenging for beginners. So, you must undergo the required cardiovascular and physical strength training. 

Nepal is home to various peaks. Some are accessible to beginners, while others necessitate prior experience, hard-core skills, and technical knowledge. Examples of packages for peak climbing in Nepal for beginners are Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal, Pisang Peak Climbing, and so on. 

Some of the other popular peaks for climbing are Lobuche Peak Climbing, Chulu West Peak Climbing, and so on. On these peaks, you can do the best peak climbing in Nepal, even if you are a newbie. 

For experienced ones, there are a variety of options, like Island Peak climbing, Mt. Everest summit, and so on. This climbing is riskier than the usual peaks and gives you the best experience of the adrenaline rush in your body. 

Moreover, you can try other 7000-meter peaks in Nepal. Those peaks may be the easiest to climb in Nepal for some trekkers with previous climbing experience. In Mystic Adventure Holidays, you can get affordable peak climbing in Nepal price here. Call us at any time to book affordable peak climbing packages.