• Duration3 Hours
  • Diffculty-LevelEasy
  • Max. Altitude3,710 m
  • Best SeasonSpring & Autumn


Muktinath Helicopter Tour is one of the famous helicopter tours in Nepal among both domestic and foreign tourists. This heli tour takes you to the sacred Muktinath Temple, located at 3,710 meters. Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing is approximately 2.5 hours to 3 hours round trip, including landing time. 

People of any age can go on the Muktinath Heli Tour. This heli tour makes a great trip for the family. The breathtaking aerial views and great religious aspect of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing make it an exceptional trip in the Himalayas. If you cannot go on a long bus ride or trek to Muktinath temple, the Muktinath Helicopter Tour package is a perfect alternative. 

You can see striking views of snow-capped mountains like Mt. Annapurna (8,091 m), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Mt. Nilgiri (7,061 m), Mt. Fishtail (6,993 m), Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m), Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441 m), Mt. Gangapurna (7,455 m), Pisang Peak (6,091 m), Tilicho Peak (7,134 m), etc. Upon landing, you will have half an hour to one hour to explore the temple and its premises. 

We offered a professionally designed Muktinath Helicopter Tour itinerary. Muktinath by air is no doubt a thrilling adventure, and every travel lover should experience it once. We have opened our booking for Muktinath Helicopter Tour 2022. You can book a seat on one of our fixed departure dates or tailor-made Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing as per your wish. 

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Muktinath Temple

Situated at 3,710 meters, the Muktinath temple is one of the oldest temples in Nepal, with significant religious values for Hindus and Buddhists. It is a pilgrimage site visited by hundreds and thousands of devotees every year. Likewise, trekkers during the Annapurna Circuit Trek pass by this place too. 

It is believed that if you take bath in the 108 water taps of the temple, then all your past life sins will be forgiven by the deities. You may not get to enter the main temple, but you can explore around the premises and the do puja ceremony. You can see many vendors selling a range of stones, gems, and saligramam around the temples. Buy it as a souvenir if you want. 

Muktinath Helicopter Tour from Pokhara

From Pokhara, it takes around 45 minutes for a one-way flight to/from Muktinath temple. You will be flying over Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. The aerial views of Pokhara and numerous lakes are blissful. The flight takes off from the domestic airport of Pokhara. 

Muktinath Helicopter Tour Duration

  • From Kathmandu, the total duration of the trip with landing is 3.5 hours (1 hour and 15 minutes X 2 flight time and 1-hour land time).

  • From Pokhara, the total duration of the trip with landing is 2.5 hours (45 minutes X 2 flight time and 1-hour landing time)

Pokhara to Muktinath Helicopter Flight Time 

  • Pokhara to Muktinath: 45 minutes

  • Muktinath to Pokhara: 45 minutes

  • Ground Time (Puja or Ritual): 1 hour 

Kathmandu to Muktinath Helicopter Flight Time 

  • Kathmandu to Muktinath: 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Muktinath to Kathmandu: 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Ground Time (Puja or Ritual): 1 hour

You'll see and experience

  • Fly to one of the holiest temples in Nepal from Kathmandu or Pokhara 
  • Get to see breathtaking aerial views of the snow-capped mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, and terraced fields
  • Land at the Muktinath temple and explore the premises
  • Get blessed by the deities and learn about the temple's history
  • Get to know about the rich cultural heritage of the natives
  • Witness gorgeous landscapes and mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Nilgiri, Pisan peak, Mt. Hiunchuli, etc
  • If you want, you can add a professional photographer, guide, or a proposal event to the venture (additional cost applies)

Itinerary & Map

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    Phase 1: Meet up at Tribhuvan International Airport domestic terminal

    We will meet you at the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan international airport. If you need, we can also send a car and drive to pick you from your hotel and drive you to the airport.

    *Note: Muktinath heli tour begins early in the morning. The crew will inspect the weather and thoroughly examine the aircraft before the beginning of the heli tour. The aircraft takes off between 6:30 am to 7:30 am. Depending upon the weather situation, the heli tour can be delayed, postponed, or canceled. 

    Phase 2: Flight briefing with captain introduction and boarding

    We will have a short briefing session before the heli tour begins. During the briefing, the flight instructor will inform you about the aircraft and the rules you have to follow during the flight. After the session, you will be introduced to the pilot, and the boarding begins. 

    Phase 3: Flight to Muktinath

    Altitude: 3,710 m

    From Kathmandu, the flight takes off and flies west of Kathmandu. You will get to see stunning aerial landscapes, lush green hills, barren hills, terraced fields, and snow-capped mountains. As you fly in the west, the western Himalayan mountains and glaciers begin to unfold their panoramic views.

    Phase 4: Sightseeing and stopover at Muktinath Temple (3,710 m) 

    Ground Time: 30 minutes to one hour

    The helicopter lands around the temple premises. You will get half an hour to one hour to do puja and explore the temple premises. Enjoy the surrounding views, get blessed, and get ready to fly back to Kathmandu. Please know that we cannot exceed the decided time frame. 

    Phase 5: Flight back to Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu)

    Flying over rivers, cities, towns, and mountains, you will come back to Kathmandu. Relish the views as much as you can and don't forget to take photos.

    Phase 6: Customer review regarding the flight

    Before you continue with the rest of the day, we will hand over a form to every passenger for their feedback regarding the trip. Please take your time and fill the form with a genuine review. We welcome all criticisms and appreciation. We will use your feedback to enhance the trip and offer top-notch service. After the session, you can move on with your day.

    Departure Dates

    Join one of our fixed departure dates for Muktinath Helicopter Tour or go on a private tour with your friends and families as per your wish. Contact us anytime to book a seat. 

    Additional Info

    Best time for Muktinath Helicopter Tour with Landing

    You can go Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing all around the year except monsoon. The heli tour takes you above 3,700 meters, and because of landing at a high altitude, the weather has to be stable. 

    The most ideal time for Muktinath Helicopter Tour is, no doubt, March to April (spring) and October to November (autumn). These seasons are not only perfect for heli tours in the Himalayas but also for trekking. The clear sky offers jaw-dropping views of the mountains. The low precipitation and moderate climate make the tour fantastic. 

    In winter, you can fly to Muktinath depending upon the weather situation. Our crew regularly monitors the weather and helps travelers set the perfect time for them, so no need to worry. You will be flying mostly in the morning, so the chances of delays or cancellation are pretty low until the weather gets unstable. 

    Monsoon/summer (June to September) do not guarantee on-time take-off. There can be delays and cancellations. Likewise, the views may not be clear on a cloudy day. 

    Packing List for Muktinath Helicopter Tour

    Wearing proper clothes and packing the right essentials will make the heli tour smooth and pleasant for you. As you will be flying high and get exposed to high UV rays at high latitude during the tour, you have to wear the right clothes that will protect you from high-intensity UV rays. You can't be over-packed or under-packed for the Muktinath Helicopter Tour.

    Below is the list of things that you will need during the Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing.

    • UV protection sunglasses

    • Lip balm and moisturizer

    • Base layer clothing (warm pair of trousers and full sleeve shirt)

    • Scarf and gloves 

    • Windproof down jacket

    • Toliateris

    • Camera essentials

    • Documents

    • Water bottle

    *Note: Try to keep hand luggage as light as possible. Do not carry unwanted things or clothes.

    Safety rules and travel tips for Muktinath Helicopter Tour with Landing

    Thoroughly go through the below safety rules and regulations. We request you to follow all the precautions mentioned below for a safe trip and follow the guidance of the captain during the heli tour.

    • You will attend a small briefing session before the beginning of the Muktinath heli tour. You will know about the aircraft that will take you around the trip and other important things. 

    • Feel free to ask any questions with the instructor if you have during the briefing. 

    • Do not approach the helicopter from behind. Wait for the captain's signal and only approach the aircraft from the front.

    • If you lose any of your personal belongings during the trip, then the company or crew will not be responsible for it. If something gets blown away because of wind, then let it be, do not chase after it as it can get risky.

    • Only exit the helicopter after the permission of the pilot. 

    Private Muktinath Helicopter Tour

    Our private Muktinath Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu and Muktinath Helicopter Tour from Pokhara allows pilgrims and travelers to enjoy the ride comfortably with their families and friends. 

    If you are alone, then you can also join one of our departure dates or charter a helicopter all to yourself as per your wish.

    The private Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing is led by the captain. You can decide the landing place and time with the crew before the beginning of the venture and take your time to enjoy the ride. 

    Contact us anytime to book the Muktinath Heli Tour with us. 

    Special add-on on private Muktinath Helicopter Tour

    We have this special provision that gives the opportunity to travelers to add a photographer, guide, or an event to the venture. These add-ons will take the Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing to the next level.

    *Note: These add-ons are not included in the Muktinath Helicopter Tour package cost. Additional charge applies. 

    Hire a professional photographer

    We all want to capture every single moment of our life's biggest and adventurous times. But enjoying every single second and being present in it and capturing it in our mobiles/camera at the same time can be daunting. You may miss experiencing some or capturing some.

    So, we have come up with this additional photographer option. You can hire a professional photographer for the heli tour. While you will relish every single second of the trip, he/she makes sure to capture all the candid moments of you and your loved ones throughout the Muktinath Helicopter Tour.

    Hire a guide

    Hiring a guide will let you know more in-depth about the region, the mountains you will see, and the Muktinath temple. Muktinath is one of the most significant temples for Hindus all around the world. 

    The temple has a centuries-old history, legends, and numerous myths behind it. A guide will help you discover some of them, at least. You can be more present in the moments and explore with awareness. 

    Propose your loved ones

    You are already flying to a holy site. Plus, heartwarming aerial views of the Himalayan mountains and gorgeous scenery will set the mood right. And if you are with your better half, then what can be a better time than this to let him or her know your love for them?

    Get blessed in the temple and tie a knot perhaps? We will arrange every little detail and make the moment unforgettable. You can plan the trip and the event with us. We will arrange a bouquet, champagne, cake, and everything else. 

    Feel free to contact us anytime for further information. Plan your biggest event in life with us, and we will make it exceptional. 


    • Q1. Why do people visit Muktinath Temple?

      Muktinath is one of the oldest temples in Nepal. It is the temple of the god of Salvation, which holds great significance for Hindus and Buddhists. Thousands of devotees visit this temple to get blessed and get rid of their past life sins. 

    • Muktinath temple is situated at 3,710 meter near the Thorong La Pass in the lower Mustang, Nepal. People can fly from Kathmandu or Pokhara to reach here. Likewise, one can also reach this temple by a jeep ride of around 9 hours or a bus ride of 7 hours.

    • You will get half an hour to an hour, depending upon the weather situation to explore.

    • The Muktinath Heli Tour is guided by experts who are well trained to tackle any emergency during the flight. The crew members are qualified to offer first-aid, and in the worst case, we also offer emergency evacuation service.

    • You can use the basic public restrooms around the temple premises during the trip.

    • You have to send us the booking deposit and necessary documents to confirm the heli tour. You can deposit the booking money through a bank transfer, Credit Card, or Visa/MasterCard. We will send you the confirmation slip after we receive the payment. The rest of the amount has to be paid before the beginning of the heli tour in Kathmandu/Pokhara.

    • Yes, you can join one of our fixed departures to join the group helicopter tour to Muktinath temple. We also have the provision of a private heli tour if you want. Check our departure dates for more information.

    • From a helicopter, you can reach Muktinath in one hour and fifteen minutes from Kathmandu and forty-five minutes from Pokhara. The helicopter lands at the helipad, which is located a few minutes walk away from the temple. 

    • Usually, 4 to 5 people can fly at a time, depending upon the aircraft. The more people, the merrier in terms of cost.


    • You will need the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) permit and the TIMS card to visit this temple. Muktinath is located in the lower Mustang area, so you do not have to take the restricted area permit.

    • Yes, it's up to you where you want to land while returning. Do know that you cannot choose to change the itinerary amidst the trip and become a hassle for other passengers. Let us know your requirements/plans before the beginning of the trip, so we can arrange everything else as per that. 

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