Paragliding In Nepal

Paragliding In Nepal
Paragliding In Nepal


Paragliding in Nepal is an adventurous sport that gives you a thrilling experience along with jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas. It is a recreational sport that involves flying in a paraglider aircraft with the pilot. People of different skill sets and with any age limit can do paragliding. 

During the paragliding flight, the pilot sits with you in a harness suspended below a fabric wing. After that, the pilot and you move forward to generate lift in the air. This technique is quite similar to that of the glider. 

The best season to go paragliding in Nepal is winter season. During these seasons, the average wind speeds are stable and the skies are clear. So, before going for any season, consider your safety as your main priority. 

Talking about the best place for paragliding, Pokhara (the tourism capital of Nepal) is one of the most favorite spots among travellers. Pokhara offers peaceful environment and various perfect spots for paragliding. 

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  • Some of the best highlights of paragliding in nepal are:
  • Jaw-dropping vistas of himalayan valleys and lakes
  • Fly through the various villages and monasteries
  • Sharing skies with vultures, eagles, and other birds species
  • Flying in the beautiful locations of nepal
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Can do by beginners


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Essential Info

Benefits of Paragliding

There are various benefits to paragliding in Nepal. You can feel the thrilling experience that boosts an intense sense of excitement and energy levels. It also challenges your fears and insecurities. So, paragliding can be an excellent option to boost confidence and improve mental clarity over things. 

The benefits of paragliding don’t stop here. It is an energy-intensive activity that helps burn fat in your body. Also, it engages core muscles, enhancing body balance, posture, and stability. 

Best place to go for paragliding

The best places to do paragliding in Nepal are Pokhara, Kathmandu, Godavari (Lalitpur), and so on. Pokhara is known as the lake city, where you can witness the stunning Annapurna mountain range and a few lakes while doing these activities. 

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, also offers various perfect places, like Lakuri Bhanjyang, Shivapuri, Kot Danda, Chapakharka, and so on. There are other places outside of Kathmandu, like Sarangkot, Godavari, and Fulchowki, which also offer views of stunning villages and landscapes. 


There are no specific requirements for age, fitness level, or skill level. You can go paragliding even if you are a novice because there will be a professional pilot with you. 

But you have to be in good health. So, consult your doctor before taking any decision. The experts advise it in case of any hidden medical problems. 

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