Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Bhotekoshi
Rafting in Nepal


Rafting in Nepal is a popular outdoor activity that gives a thrilling experience while navigating an inflatable raft through a river. It can be done in whitewater or rough water. In addition, white river rafting in Nepal is popular. 

You will need to be moderately fit and do basic preparations before going rafting in the river of Nepal. The best time for rafting is from September to early December. And March to June is also considered a good time as the river flow is optimal. 

Some of the popular rafting rivers in Nepal are the Trishuli River, the Sun Koshi River, the Karnali River, the Tamur River, and so on. On these rivers, the currents are fast, and the views are awesome. You can enjoy the best rafting in Nepal on those rivers.

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  • thrilling experience in between the natural beauty of Nepal
  • Stunning views of the whitewater
  • Get to experience the fast currents of rivers of Nepal
  • sightseeing while rafting in the river


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Essential Info


There are numerous locations where you can enjoy rafting in Nepal. some of the most popular rivers are:

  • Trishuli river

Trishuli river is a perfect place to enjoy the bouncy rapids and scenic views. It is best for beginners. And it is accessible from Kathmandu and only requires one day to enjoy the outdoor adventure. 

  • Upper Seti river

Upper Seti River is the best spot to experience the quick adrenaline rush with continuous rapids for over 40 minutes. You can go there from Pokhara, and it is a half-day trip. 

  • Marshyangdi river

This river is known for its mix of challenging sections and calm sections. You can enjoy the scenic natural views along with the chance to encounter diverse wildlife. It is a two-day trip. 

  • Kali Gandaki River

The Kali Gandaki River offers a combination of challenging rapids, calm white waters, and sandy beaches. Moreover, this river also holds spiritual and cultural values. 

  • Karnali river

You can enjoy the most challenging and memorable rafting experiences on the Karnali River. This rafting spot is known for its Class IV rapids and diverse terrain. For those who don't know about the Clas IV rapids, they are long, continuous foam sections with enormous waves. You have to be experienced and fit to be able to do intense paddling and good boat teamwork. 

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