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If you're looking for a travel guide and want to collaborate with our company, then we are here for you. Please contact us. 

Mystic Adventure Holidays specializes in trekking amidst towering peaks. We also provide an offer of large groups and solo trips according to your budget limits and span of holiday. We believe in expanding local businesses by uniting with other businesses. This will undoubtedly benefit both businesses, and you would be extremely grateful to be one of our B2B partners.

Company Introduction:

Mystic Adventure Holidays helps you find the perfect holiday package according to your time limit. Our main goal is to provide you with satisfactory service with a 100% success rate. While providing trekking packages to the Himalayas, we also offer tours that include culture, adventurous sports, and wildlife, followed by peak climbing, whitewater rafting, and hiking in different parts of Nepal. Our best-selling package in 2022/23 was the Everest Base Camp Trek, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the Mardi Himal Trek, and so on. We will help you discover the hidden valleys and glaciers of the Himalayas while refreshing your soul and creating a lifetime memory. As a fully licensed and certified guide for touring and trekking in Nepal's Himalayas, we have succeeded in every trek to date. In Nepal, we offer tailor-made and personalized tours and trekking packages, resulting in the satisfaction of the guest. 

Furthermore, we provide all of the services you need from arrival to departure, such as travel planning and management, airport pickup and drop-off, hospitality management, guides and porters, flight booking, and other transportation services. In association with Nepal’s Tourism Board and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), we provide legal services with government approval. 

Every business sector requires partnership and collaboration to foster side-by-side growth. Previously, we have also worked with professionals from national and international platforms. They helped us thrive in our work as well as the authentic navigation of trekking trails. Our experienced tour and trekking guides have been prioritizing the safety of our clients, followed by creating a friendly atmosphere. Our mission is not only to complete the trek, but we also focus on the safety of our clients and their satisfaction. We make sure that trekking in the most untouched part of the Himalayas will not cause environmental pollution. We believe in minimizing the harmful impact of traveling by applying the sustainable tourism approach. 

Collaborate with corporate Company

We at Mystic Adventure Holidays, a leading travel company based in Nepal, invite you to collaborate with us for your staff's vacation needs. Our team of qualified and reliable experts is dedicated to creating memorable and well-organized travel experiences. If you're seeking unique and enriching vacations for your employees, we would love to partner with you to offer tailored travel solutions. Let's work together to provide your team with unforgettable adventures.

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We are Mystic Adventure Holidays, a premier travel company based in Nepal, and we invite you to collaborate with us as your local partner. With our professional team, we offer a range of trips from budget-friendly to premium experiences, ensuring top-notch service and memorable adventures for your clients. If you're looking for a reliable partner in Nepal to enhance your travel offerings, we would love to work together to create exceptional travel experiences.

Why Mystic for Collaborate: 

Mystic Adventure Holidays is a Kathmandu Valley-based travel and trekking company. The founder and managing director, Akash Karki, worked as a trekking guide for one of the reputed travel agents for the past 10 years. Then, he opened his firm, Mystic Adventure Holidays, in Bhadra in 2080. Mr. Karki has guided more than 100 tours and treks by now. 

His resourcefulness and professionalism earned him a high reputation and respect among his clients, teammates, and partners. His desire to promote Nepal’s hidden beauty globally made him set up his own company, Mystic Adventure Holidays. Our company is a travel company in Nepal, specializing in trekking and tours. We offer tour packages to Tibet and Bhutan. As per the client's preference, we customize our activities like day hiking, wildlife safaris, jeep tours, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and trekking in the Himalayas. 

Legal Documents

  • Our company has all sorts of legal documents. For your information, we have attached our company registration certificates, licenses, and other legal documents here.

Our Team

  • With a smile on their faces, our team is there for client service. Click here for more. 

Sustainable Tourism

  • Sustainable tourism is the practice of considering the current and future environmental, economic, and sociocultural impacts. While we embrace sustainable tourism, we believe in the long-term benefits for local communities and protecting the beauty of the environment. From the very beginning, we have been committed to promoting sustainable tourism. Our company has made a commitment to uphold these principles:


  • Our main priority is customer safety and satisfaction. While helping them to finish the trek, we believe in accessing meaningful and deep cultural interaction with local communities. 


  • All of our staff, whether they are in the field or the office, are highly experienced with government certificates. Our staff members are local and have undergone extensive training. We ensure that all of our trekking guides and porters are well-equipped and healthy. We help them by providing adequate clothing for hiking, medical insurance, and decent payments.  


  • By encouraging our clients to purchase local resources, we help locals grow. Our clients were taught to respect the culture and values of the local communities.  


  • To minimize the harmful effects of non-degradable waste, we make sure that our clients bring reusable water bottles, toothbrushes, straws, and other personal items. We complete our treks or travels without causing any harm to wildlife or nature.
  • We can create a healthy environment for our descendants if we start now. Contact us or drop a suggestion for our line. 


  • Unforgettable Journeys highlights the quality and memorability of your offerings.
  • Exhilarating Activities and Cultural Immersion: Specifies the types of experiences you offer.
  • Safe, Sustainable, and Personalized: Underlines your commitment to safety, sustainability, and customized experiences.
  • Natural Beauty and Diverse Cultures: Reflects the focus on nature and cultural experiences.
  • Passion for Exploration and Dedication to Excellence: This conveys your enthusiasm and commitment to high standards.
  • Responsible tourism indicates your commitment to ethical and sustainable travel practices.
  • To provide immersive eco-tourism experiences that foster a deep connection with nature while promoting sustainable travel and conservation.
  • We believe in the 3S: safety, success, and satisfaction.

Partnership Benefits

Different skills and experiences lead to changes in various aspects of business, such as increased market value, tax reduction, and the reputation of the company. Working with us will surely help your customers and our customers get all the facilities they want, along with an improvement in revenues. 

If you're thinking about collaborating with us, Mystic Adventure Holidays will be there for you. So, contact us for more details.