Why Mystic Adventure Holidays?

Why Mystic Adventure Holidays?

Why Mystic Adventure Holidays is an idea that aims at the 3S—safety, success, and satisfaction—of passionate travelers and trekking enthusiasts all around the globe. Our company, Mystic Adventure Holidays, is a fully licensed and certified government tour, trekking, and climbing organization in Nepal. While offering tailor-made, customized, and personalized tours and treks as per the requirement of the guest, we believe in providing comfort to our guests as a part of our Mystic team. We believe in protecting the guests from all kinds of possible casualties that arise at higher altitudes while guiding the mountain culture, Nepalese festivals, norms and values, ancient art, and architecture. We assure you a memorable journey with the best service and professionalism. Our team is surely the best and most unique from other travel and trekking agencies in Nepal. We will provide you with the best services, a memorable trip, worth every penny you spend, safety, privacy, and exceptional itineraries and trips for our valuable guests. As one of the leading travel and trekking agencies, we have completed the dream of many travel enthusiasts while providing job opportunities for the locals. 

Government-certified guides & Professional Crew members

 Mystic Adventure Holidays guides and crew members are well-experienced and professionally trained. Our guides have earned certificates and licenses from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Civil Aviation, and the Department of Tourism. To ensure guest safety of our guests, our team leader has earned the certificate of the Himalayan Rescue Association for Acute Mountain Sickness and Nepal Medical Council for first aid treatment in the high altitude region. The highly professional, enthusiastic, government-certified, and experienced team leader and crew are the reason behind the 98% success rate of our trekking and tour packages. With the knowledge of mountain culture and lifestyle, fluent English, well-trained, and licensed crew, we guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our guests. 


Small private and Large group tours & Packages

  For those people who like to enjoy their own space, we will organize small and private groups for the comfort of our guests. Our average group size consists of 10 people for private tours and package group, but we can make it to 3 to 4 depending on your choice. We provide equal attention to all members of our group without any discrimination. We have tour and trekking packages for Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Tanzania, and Malaysia. You can book any trek and tour package from our website or by contacting us. 

Excellent Services

Our team leader and crew members will provide you with all the services that you need to get during the journey. Our service starts as soon as you arrive at the Tribhuwan International Airport and until you leave for your home Country. While ensuring the happiness and safety of our guests we provide the best services and hassle-free journey. Happiness is what counts at the end of the trip and we assure you that you will surely be happy being a part of us. In addition to this, we provide flexible accommodation, and the best food at an affordable cost as per the requirement. 

Personalized and Tailored Trips

Mystic Adventure Holidays provides personalized and tailored trips as per the guest's requirement. Our team members will help you design the perfect trips according to your interest and request. Our company has been organizing this customized trip for many years. We will take care of your accommodation, transportation, and other services so that you can only focus on your journey. We will first brief you about the trip and will add other things as per your requirements by extending the itinerary to other side adventures. 

Sustainable & responsible tourism

Mystic Adventure Holidays believes in sustainable and responsible tourism practices. We focus not only on the completion of the trip but also on bringing a positive impact on local people and Mother Nature while encouraging the future generation. We are committed to eco-friendly tourism by carrying reusable water bottles, avoiding littering, minimizing plastic waste, reusing plastic wares, protecting water sources, using natural resources responsibly, and adopting green travel methods. We also believe in using local products instead of buying from urban areas. To make a journey ethical we do all sorts of things that we can afford. We also advise our guests not to harm any vegetation and wildlife while trekking in higher altitudes. We make sure that our guests ask permission before using any beverage items from the hotel and lodges. We value discipline as much as we value the success of the journey. 

Dedicated team members

All the guides and team leaders of Mystic Adventure Holidays are very dedicated to their profession. Our team will provide you with all the necessary things you will need during the trip. They will be your friend if you need a companion to share your dark times, guarantee your safety with medical and first aid services, help you assist your heavy bag, assist you in checking in and out of a hotel, brief you about the history and cultural values of local people, and so on. Our guide will share all the information that you will need at the time of sightseeing and exploration. Our team members have been working for travel trekking and touring for more than three years. 

Safely Valued Travel Investment

We are a legal company based in Kaldhara Marg, Kathmandu. We have guaranteed safe travel throughout the year. Our company has full authorization from the Nepal Tourism Board, the Department of Industry, and the National Nepal Rastra Bank. All the money that you pay us to book your trip in advance will be safe as we are a company, not an online business. You can trust us to invest freely in your trip with us, as every dollar you pay us has no hidden costs or risks. We haven't received any complaints regarding finance in the past few years. Mystic Adventure Holiday is an authorized company with registration in in Nepal Government, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industrial Department, Company Registration Office, Nepal National Bank, and Taxation Office. Our company runs in an affiliation of local trekking associations like NMA, TAAN, and KEEP. We have 10 years of experience from our travel expertise, Trip Planner. 

Easy Booking & Fast Response Time

Our company's Mystic Adventure Holiday booking system is very easy. We have a sales team in Nepal as well as an International representative in the USA, Thailand, Europe, and Malaysia. Our team works actively to book and promote the trips which will surely help you. We provide a fully secure payment platform to book your trips with full security. Our national and International representatives are always there for you to answer all your queries regarding your trip and Nepal. 

Our company operates 6 days a week and is located in Kaldhara Marg, Kathmandu. We answer all emails and queries within one business day irrespective of the closed office hours. Your queries will be cleared instantly if you contact us via social media. We hope that our 24-hour customer support will surely make you positive towards us. 


Mystic Adventure Holidays provides training to the guests before beginning trekking in high altitudes. This early training will help you adapt to the higher altitude range by decreasing the chances of acute mountain sickness. This will help you to complete your high-altitude trekking and expedition easily. The training will increase your physical capability as well as your passion for the journey. It fuels your energy and helps you complete one item off your bucket list. 

Updated, Flexible, and diversified Itinerary

At Mystic Adventure Holidays, you can find a wide range of itineraries. Our company offers short trips, long trips, Adventurous trips, family trips, helicopter trips, and so on. We also offer trips Internationally to countries like Tibet, Bhutan, Tanzania, and Malaysia. Trekking at high altitudes is full of risks like Landslides, floods, and avalanches so an updated itinerary will help you acknowledge the risk beforehand. We put our customers first, so if they want to change the itinerary we are very flexible with it. This is one of the reasons behind the high success rate of trips even in high altitudes. 

Beyond Nepal

Mystic Adventure Holiday organizes trips beyond Nepal. With the help of our International representative, we offer trips to Bhutan, Tanzania, Malaysia, and Tibet. We provide a memorable vacation that you will ever experience in your lifetime. We will help you assist with all the necessary documents required for national as well as International trips. As of 2024, we have successfully organized trips for more than a thousand clients.