Why Mystic Adventure Holidays?

"We seek to be different from the others."

Professionally Trained Crew Members

The entire on-field team members at Mystic Adventure Holidays are professionally trained and hold multiple levels of outdoor certification in Mountain Guide Course, Rescue Course, First Aid Course, and many others. Your safety is all that matters to us and it's our first and foremost priority during the trip. To ensure it, we regularly train our on-field guides and have designed a refined protocol to serve in any unseen situation. 

Small and private groups

We organize small and private groups to make traveling smooth for our guests. Even in the group trips, we make sure to give all members of the group equal time and attention. Our average group size consists of 10 people.

Never compromise on our services

We never compromise on our quality of service and your safety in exchange for reducing the package price or in anyways. Our experience has taught us, happiness is what counts at the end of the trip, and we make sure that you are happy while traveling with us.

Sustainable & responsible tourism

We follow eco-friendly tourism as much as we can. All of our trips are operated sustainably by carrying reusable water bottles to disposing our litter and supporting the local economy. We make sure to not harm destinations where we are traveling in any way. During the trip, we use everything local from our accommodation to meals & porters. We try to use all possible resources to make our trip ethical. 

Dedicated team members

To make the trip comfortable from your landing to departure, we have dedicated team members for everything. All of our team members are professional in what they do.

Professionally designed packages with ample rest days

As we mentioned earlier, we do not compromise on anything that will cost your safety or discomfort, which also means all of our trekking and climbing packages have enough acclimatization days to allow your body to adjust to the altitude and enjoy the venture. We never recommend our guests to rush in the Himalayas or cut down the acclimatization days unless we are 100% they can withstand the altitude.

Your travel investment is safe and valued

You can book your trip with us confidently. We are a fully authorized travel company in Nepal and credentialed with the Nepal Tourism Board, Department of Industry, and the National Nepal Rastra Bank. Every dollar you pay us will be safe. We guarantee there is no risk involved or hidden costs.


Not only leading the group, but we also make sure our guests are trained enough for the venture. Especially during climbing and expeditions, we give a certain level of training to assure the success of reaching the top of the mountain.