• Duration2 Hours
  • Diffculty-LevelEasy
  • Max. Altitude4,380 m
  • Best SeasonSpring, Autumn & Winter


In a blink of an eye, fly over lush green hills, stunning glaciers, and remote villages into the Langtang region and reach the sacred Gosaikunda Lake, located at 4,380 meters during the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with landing. Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is an excellent option for travelers who are short in time to go on the usual Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

Gosaikunda heli tour lets you witness the spectacular beauty of the Valley of Glaciers, Langtang Valley in no time. Moreover, you will get to see the aerial view of the Langtang region, which is seen by only a handful of people. The helicopter tour to Gosaikunda lasts two to three hours. From Kathmandu airport, the heli tour begins early in the morning and flies over the Himalayas. 

You will land around the holy lake and explore the surrounding area. Get blessed by the deities, take some photos for memories, and fly back to Kathmandu. Even though Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Nepal is a short trip every second will be heartwarming. You will be able to unwind all your troubles as nature gradually unfolds its calmness and beauty in front of you. 

Gosaikunda Lake is a freshwater lake in the Langtang National Park. Surrounded by towering Himalayan mountains, the lake stretches in 34 acres. Hundreds of tourists and pilgrims visit this lake every year to relish its gorgeous charm and take blessings. As per the beliefs of the locals, taking a bath in the Gosaikunda Lake will forgive all of your sins and the body goes to heaven after death. Likewise, the lake washes off all the impurities from your body. 

Gosaikunda Lake is related to the divine Ramayana and Mahabharata. And as per the books, the lake is mentioned in the great Samundra Manthan. It is also the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Around the Gosaikunda, there are nine other holy lakes, including Bhairab Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, and others.

During the Gosaikunda Pilgrimage Heli Tour, you will see mountains like Ganesh Himal (7,422 m), Gaurishankar (7,134 m), Langshisha Ri (6,427 m), Gangchempo (6,387 m), Langtang Lirung (7,234 m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m), and many others. The landscapes during the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour are phenomenal too. 

Travel Kathmandu to Gosaikunda by helicopter and get to have a lifetime experience. We have opened our Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour 2022 booking. For information related to the package or Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour price, contact us anytime. We offer genuine costs for the package.

Also, check out our other pilgrimage heli tour- Muktinath Heli Tour. Similarly, Everest Base Camp Heli Tour and Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour are the other two famous heli tours in the Himalayas. 

You'll see and experience

  • Stand at the shore of Gosaikunda Lake at 4,380 meters in the blink of an eye
  • Witness spectacular aerial views of the Langtang region
  • Fly over lush green hills, remote villages, and mountains
  • Get blessed at the holy lake and explore the area
  • Learn about the Langtang region and its wonders
  • Get to know about the rich cultural heritage of the natives
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and stunning glaciers 
  • Window seat for everyone
  • If you want, you can add a professional photographer, guide, or a proposal event to the venture (additional cost applies)

Itinerary & Map

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  • Accommodation:None
  • Meals:None
  • Altitude:4,380 m

Phase 1: Meet up at Tribhuvan International Airport domestic terminal

One of our representatives will meet you at the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport. As per your request, we can also pick you up from the hotel and escort you to the airport.

*Note: Gosaikunda helicopter tour begins early in the morning. The helicopter takes off around 6:30 to 7:00 am. Even though we have fixed departure dates, there can be delays or cancellations in case of bad weather. We will make sure to thoroughly examine the aircraft before each flight. 

Phase 2: Flight briefing with captain introduction and boarding

Before the heli tours begin, you will join a short briefing session and meet the flight instructor & the captain. The flight instructor will inform you about all the dos and don'ts during the heli tour. After the briefing ends, you will say hello to the pilot and move for boarding.

Phase 3: Flight to Gosaikunda Lake

Altitude: 4,380 m

The flight takes off and flies towards the north of Kathmandu that leads to the Langtang region. You will be flying over the Langtang National Park. You can see lush green hills, dense forests, terraced fields, and remote villages during the flight. Gradually, the Himalayas will unfold themselves in front of you. You will see panoramic aerial views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. 

Phase 4: Sightseeing and stopover at Gosaikunda Lake (4,380 m) 

Ground Time: 30 minutes

You will land around Gosaikunda Lake. Because you are at a very high altitude, we can stay there for more than 30 minutes. During this time, you are free to explore the lake and the surroundings. Take pictures and get blessed. Soak the beauty of the lake as much as you can before flying back to Kathmandu. Please be informed that we cannot exceed the time frame of more than 30 minutes.

Phase 5: Flight back to Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu)

Fly over the lake and the mountains. See other nearby holy lakes. Enjoy the stunning views of the mountains for the last time and fly back to Kathmandu. 

Phase 6: Customer review regarding the flight

It is a short session we have separated to take review from your flight experience. You will get forms that you can fill with your honest review regarding the heli tour experience. We will use your feedback to enhance the trip and offer top-notch service. After the session, you can move on with your day.

Cost Details

  • Airport picks and drop.
  • All the necessary ground transportation.
  • Helicopter flight from KTM-GOSAINKUNDA-KTM
  • Airport tax and services.
  • National Park Permit.
  • Tips and gratitudes
  • Foods, drinks, and other essential personal things 
  • Personal expenses 
  • All the expenses which are not mentioned above.

Departure Dates

If you want, you can also privately join the Gosaikunda heli tour with your loved ones. Contact us anytime for more information.

Additional Info

Best time for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with landing takes you to 4,000 meters where the holy Gosaikunda is situated. You will land around the lake at a very high altitude, therefore stable weather is necessary. The most ideal time of the year to go on the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is from March to April (spring) and October to November (autumn). 

These months have the most steady weather and moderate climate that makes the heli tour pleasant. The clear sky makes the views breathtaking. The chances of precipitation are low to zero.  

Apart from spring and autumn, you can also consider going on a helicopter tour to Gosaikunda in winter (December to February). As the heli tour takes place early in the morning, there is a high chance of successful completion of the tour. The region gets covered with a blanket of snow, and the frozen Gosaikunda lake view is just heavenly.

Monsoon/summer (June to September) do not guarantee on-time take-off. There can be delays and cancellations. Likewise, the views may not be clear on a cloudy day. 

Packing List for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Right clothing that protects from high-intensity UV rays at high altitudes is important for a smooth heli tour. You can't be over-packed or under-packed for the Gosaikunda Heli Tour.

Below is the list of things that you will need during the Gosaikunda Pilgrimage Heli Tour.

  • Base layer clothing (warm pair of trousers and full sleeve shirt)

  • Scarf and gloves 

  • Windproof down jacket

  • UV protection sunglasses

  • Toliateris

  • Lip balm and moisturizer

  • Camera essentials

  • Documents

  • Water bottle

*Note: Try to keep hand luggage as light as possible. Do not carry unwanted things or clothes.

Safety rules and travel tips for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing

Carefully read the safety rules listed below. Please follow these instructions to make the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Nepal safe. We also request you to follow the directions of the captain during the heli tour. 

  • There will be a short briefing before the beginning of the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour. During the briefing, the flight instructions will inform you about the tour and the aircraft. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask during the briefing. 

  • Approach the helicopter only after the signal of the captain. Do not approach the aircraft from behind. 

  • Take care of your belongings. If anything gets lost or left behind, then the company will not be responsible for it. Also, if anything gets blown away due to wind, then do not rush after it. 

  • Only exit the helicopter after the permission of the pilot. 

Private Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

If you are alone, then you have the option to join one of our departure days or fly solo to Gosainkunda lake. Private Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is a good alternative for travelers who wish to fly alone or with their loved ones. 

You can charter the flight as per your time availability. The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with landing will be guided by the captain. You can take your time to soak the beauty of the Langtang region.

Contact us anytime to book the Gosaikunda Heli Tour with us. 

Special add-on on private Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

If you want to take the Gosaikunda Helicopter Pilgrimage Tour to the next level, then we have add-ons that will make the trip even more special. The add-ons let you hire a professional photographer, guide, or organize a proposal event.

*Note: These add-ons are not included in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour package cost. Additional charge applies. 

Hire a professional photographer

Get busy exploring and indulging in nature and let the professionals do their magic. You can hire a professional photographer who will help you capture the best moments during the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with landing. He/she will be present at every moment and capture all the candids. 

Hire a guide

You can hire a guide who will give you furthermore deep insights into the mountains and the villages you will be flying over. You will not miss anything and get to closely know the Langtang region and its wonders. 

Propose your loved ones

We will make the most important event of your life, proposing to your loved grander with us on Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Nepal. Imagine saying your heart out what he or she means for you at the shore of a stunning alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. 

We will arrange everything as per your wish. Bouquet? Champagne? Cake? Whatever you request, we will make it happen. 

Feel free to contact us anytime for further information. Plan your biggest event in life with us, and we will make it exceptional. 


  • Q1. What are the permits required for the Gosaikunda Heli Tour?

    You will need a Langtang National Park entry permit and a Gosaikunda heli tour permit.

  • You will go above 4,000 meters during the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour with landing. The aircraft lands at 4,380 meters around the lake.

  • You will get 30 minutes to stop and explore the lake.

  • During the trip, you have to adjust to the basic washroom available around Gosaikunda Lake. Because of the remoteness of the region, everything is simple in the Langtang region.

  • The Gosaikunda Heli Tour is guided by professionals who are well trained to tackle any emergency during the flight. Likewise, the crew members are trained to offer first-aid, and in the worse case, we also offer emergency evacuation service.

  • You will only need basic gear for the heli ride, like proper clothing. Some pieces may not be available for rent. 

  • To confirm the booking, you have to send us an advance payment and necessary documents. After we receive the booking deposit and the documents, one of our representatives will send you the confirmation booking details. You can pay the rest of the amount before the beginning of the heli tour.

    You can deposit the booking amount through a bank transfer, Credit Card, or Visa/MasterCard.

  • Yes, you can join the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour with landing. You can join either one of our fixed departure dates or choose the private heli tour. Check our departure dates for more information.

  • Check the top left corner of the page to know the Gosaikunda Heli Tour cost. We offer a genuine price for the heli tour.

  • Yes, we always carry an extra oxygen cylinder during the heli tours. 

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