Mystic Team

Mystic Adventure Holidays is a team of local tourism professionals who are well-managed, qualified, and reliable trek/tour experts. mystic Adventure Holidays family is a team of expert leadership, experienced management, staff, certified guides, and well-trained trekking team members to accompany your journey. Our leadership is pleasant and well-principled by people from various parts of the country.  Our experienced and enthusiastic members at the office and field will make sure that you receive the best service and attention throughout you. we always believe best and most Professional teamwork make us happy then we make our client happy.


  • Akash Karki
    Founder and Executive Director

    Akash Karki

    Language: Hindi, Chinese, and English

    Born and raised in the village of Phulkharka, Dhading District of Central Nepal, Mr. Akash is a nickname official (Gokarna Karki) who started his career in tourism at a very young age. At only age 15, he started as a porter and gradually climbed his ladders towards establishing Mystic Adventure Holidays to offer top-notch travel and tour services. Mr. Akash has spent his childhood in the lap of nature which made him fall in love with adventure. He completed his schooling in his beautiful village and later attended higher education in Kathmandu.

    From working as a porter to a reliable trekking guide and now leader of a company, Mr. Akash has gained extensive knowledge over time. Before establishing Mystic Adventure Holidays, he worked in tourism for five years and founded his first travel company, Mystic Adventure Holidays It led him to work by learning many things about running a travel company and made him strong enough to offer better service through his second company. 

    ​Mr. Akash has traveled to many countries around the world, including India, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, and the Netherlands. 

    With all of his travel experiences around the world, he offers amazing trekking and tour services in Nepal and other countries like Thailand, Pakistan, Bhutan, Tibet, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and extended tours in Europe. 

    His love for mountains and seas made him go out of his bubble and now aims to create a community for World Travellers. A community where like-minded people can travel and share their stories, and become part of one single home. 

    With his energetic and professional team, he is looking forward to expanding Mystic Adventure Holidays to a reliable one-stop travel portal for trekking, hiking, tours, flight tickets, and other adventure activities. 

    As a young travel entrepreneur, Mr. Akash Karki strives to develop the tourism industry, support the local community, and run eco-friendly ventures in the Himalayas and beyond it.   


  • Saroj Karki
    Trip planner and Trekking Guide

    Saroj Karki

    Language: English, Hindi, and Japanese

    Saroj Karki originally comes from Dhading and started his trekking career as a porter at the young age of 16. He has been working with Mystic Adventure Holidays as a guide for the past 2 years and has working experience in this field for more than 5 years already. He has a keen interest in tourism and loves working in this field. He is very familiar with trekking at  Annapurna Region, Everest Region, Manaslu Region, and Langtang Region of Nepal.

    He believes working as a guide provides the best opportunity to explore the beauty of Nepal at the same time, he can able to understand the culture, language, and people across the world. He is passionate to help to grow the tourism industry of Nepal. 

  • Sneha Shree Gupta
    Content Writer

    Sneha Shree Gupta

    Sneha has been working in the travel industry for more than three years. While working closely with active climbers and mountaineers, she has been able to collect and write very informative articles. With multiple years of experience, she intends to offer reliable information to travelers from all around the globe.

  • Prasikxya Bhandari
    Graphic Designer

    Prasikxya Bhandari

  • Lokesh Karki
    Trekking Guide

    Lokesh Karki

    Language: English, Hindi, and Chinese 

    Lokesh shines throughout the major destinations of Nepal like Annapurna, Everest, Upper Mustang Regions, and Tibet Guide. He takes both pride and pleasure in offering excellent service to our guests and is very competent and courteous. he was working Mystic Adventure Holidays for 2 years. Starting out as a porter he has worked his way up and is now one of the most respected trekking guides since 2012 within the Mystic Adventure Holidays. He maintains a strong focus on our travelers’ satisfaction.

    On the trail, he’s incredibly fit and strong, but also relaxed and casual. He steers you along the trail, going at your pace without a hint of impatience, leaving plenty of time for you to soak in the Himalayan bliss. He has worked his way up and is now one of the most respected trekking guides with the Mystic Adventure Holidays Team.

  • Ramesh Jung Thapa
    Trekking Guide

    Ramesh Jung Thapa

    Language: English, Hindi, and Chinese

    Born and raised in Dhading district, nearby the famous Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley trekking trail, Ramesh began his adventurous journey in the tourism industry as a guide com porter in 2013. Because of his passion for traveling, hard work, and several years of experience, he got promoted to trekking leader.

    He is very committed, sincere, action-oriented, helpful, self-motivated, and disciplined. His attention to the guests and care for them had made him appreciated by hundreds of travelers. With extensive knowledge of Himalayan trails like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Ruby Valley, and many others, Mr. Thapa is looking forward to leading Himalayan dreams to its destination.

  • Dinesh Karki
    Trekking Guide

    Dinesh Karki

    Language: English, Hindi & Arabic 

    Dinesh Karki was born 29 years ago in the pretty village of Phulkharka, Dhading District which Nestle in the lap of the towering Ganesh Himal of the nearby Manasulu peak. Dhading is known for its scenic landscape and thriving agriculture. Born into a large family of five brothers. and parents father and mother are farmers by profession who tilled the land to the rear and educate their children. Dinesh is a passionate outworker Trekking guide. He is in this field since 2010 AD. He started in this field as a porter to a spiritual trekking leader. He had also cavernous working knowledge in the field of holy mount Kailash too. Many guests are attracted to his work in this field so he has been attracting lots of neighbor tourists in Nepal. He has been assisting this field so willingly and cooperatively as the visitors are very happy and satisfied with his work. He is very friendly with the visitors as he has many years' experience in this field. That’s why Mystic Adventure Holidays Choose him as a Senior Trekking Guide.

  • Krishna Karki
    Marketing Manager-Europe

    Krishna Karki

    He is young and energetic. He is from the hillside of Dhading district and has got sound knowledge about mountain lifestyle, culture, and traditions. He helps guests by providing information and suggests do(s) & do not(s) during the trip.

    Karki has been working with Mystic Adventure Holidays as Sales and Marketing Head since 2018. He is an undergraduate of Education from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. At Mystic Adventure Holidays, his duty is to promote and market the products of the company to expand its business.

    He is keen to make research on the market where Mystic Adventure Holidays can have maximum profit. Under his direction on marketing, our company has considerably connected world tourism to Mystic Adventure Holidays.

    Besides that, he loves mountains and remote areas of the world. His passion for photography and music makes him distinctive from his counterparts. In the course of marketing and promotion, he has visited different parts of the world like India and Tibet.

  • Waiyawan Tippayanate
    Thailand Leader

    Waiyawan Tippayanate

    Language: Thai, English

    Being a team member of “Mystic Adventures Holidays Pvt. Ltd.” I also handle all the marketing activities of the team. Born and raised in Chiang Mai, where Mt. Inthanon, the Highest Mountain in Thailand, is located. It rises 2,565 m (8,415 ft) above sea level. I had a college education and received a Law degree from Ramkhamhaeng University, but had an easy lifestyle and stayed connected with nature since my childhood.

    I followed my father whenever and wherever he ventured into the forest. He worked for the Forest Department attached to the Thai Government. In light of this background, I automatically fall in love with nature. And I joined the trekking in Nepal arranged by Akash Karki, who runs “Mystic Adventure Holidays.”

    Take this opportunity to fulfill the dream of your lifetime. 

  • Mahesh Karki
    USA Representative

    Mahesh Karki

    Language: English & Hindi 

    Mahesh Karki was born in the Himalayan village of Dhading district and grow up there until his childhood. He grows up playing in hills and experiencing the mountain lifestyle. Later, he comes to Kathamndu for further study and he involves in various trekking and tourism activities from the beginning of his professional career. He is passionate about developing the tourism sector as he wants to make this tourism sector more professional as well. 

    At the same time, he involves in various IT programs and computer-related things. Now, he is staying in North Carolina, USA for further study and he is actively promoting Nepal from there. He is currently doing an Undergraduate in Business and IT, which will be the best knowledge for the growth and development of this tourism industry in Nepal. He likes traveling, exploring new destinations, taking pictures of those beautiful nature. 

    Contact: +1(917)6033911

  • Sanjip Bhattarai
    Japan Representative

    Sanjip Bhattarai

    Language: Japanese, English 

    Mr. Bhattarai has been appointed as our representative for Japan of our company. He is originally from the village of Phulkharka, Dhading completed his primary education in the village and completed higher education in Kathmandu and currently studying in JAPAN to complete his higher education. As NEPAL is a country rich in natural resources it will be a perfect destination for every adventure and nature lover around the world to make use of their leisure time, have fun, and learn something new. That’s why he joined “Mystic Adventure Holidays as a representative for Japan for a better connective partner for every traveler of Japan.

    Welcome to NEPAL(ネパールへようこそ)

  • Jackie Chua
    Tour Partner in Malaysia

    Jackie Chua

    Language: English, Chinese & Malay

    Jacki was born in Malaysia and he will open his own travel agency Jackie Chua is a team of Avider we are working as a partner mystic and Avider. so Avider travel agency is based in Malaysia we are exploring together.