10 Things to Do in Nepal for 2022

  • Last Updated on Mar 17, 2023

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Nepal is a paradise destination for travel lovers and adventure seekers across the world. The country offers natural beauties, high mountains, diverse culture, festivals, tradition along with beautiful landscapes and warm hospitality. The last two years were completely and partially disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic and most of the travel and tourism activities were stopped. Now, the tourism activities in most of the countries are resuming slowly and people start to explore the different destinations of their choice. Many travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers are waiting to explore Nepal. But, at the same time, you must know what to explore and what to do in Nepal after the pandemic. Here, we write about the most popular things to do in Nepal in 2022. 

1. Trekking in Nepal 

Nepal is a prime destination for trekking in the world. The country is full of high mountains and snowy peaks in the northern part of the country. Nepal offers short and long treks along with the easy, moderate, and difficult levels of trekking trails. The high altitude trekking in Annapurna Region, Everest Region is widely popular in the form of adventure in the world. These treks offer exciting views of the world’s highest peaks, stunning landscapes, exotic biodiversity, and rich culture and traditions. Most of the trekking routes in Nepal offer a beautiful view of forests, rivers, waterfalls, ethnic villages, and diverse cultures across the country. Undoubtedly, trekking in Nepal is one of the most done things in Nepal for 2022. There are hundreds of popular treks in Nepal such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, and  Manaslu Circuit Trek

2. Tours in Nepal 

After trekking in Nepal, a short hike and tour in the beautiful cities and villages are other popular activities you can do in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide range of landscapes, different geography and is filled with natural beauties. If you have less time to explore Nepal and if you are looking for luxury and easy travel in Nepal, then various tour packages would be the best option for you. Tour in Nepal includes heritage site excursion, short hike, city exploration, and experience the lavish services in the foothills of the high mountains of Nepal. Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Chitwan, Bandipur are the popular cities for tours in Nepal. 

3. Mountaineering in Nepal 

Nepal has eight out of fourteen eight-thousanders and it’s the pioneer country for the mountaineering world including the highest mountain on earth Mt. Everest. Adventure lovers around the globe visit Nepal to conquer the highest peaks in the world. Mountaineering journey normally starts from high altitude trekking then peak climbing like Island Peak, Lobuche Peak, Mera Peak and you can go for the mountaineering of highest mountains. Besides these eight-thousanders, there are 330+ other mountains that are allowed to climb commercially across the country. The must-do things in Nepal provide full of thrill, adventure, and challenges you want in your life and it will teach you how to survive in extreme conditions. The prime season to climb most of the highest mountains in Nepal is Spring Season ( March to May) and Autumn Season (September to December). 

4. Helicopter Tour & Mountain Flight in Nepal 

Climbing mountains, trekking in the high altitudes, and seeking the harsh adventure may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, you still can wish to explore the mountain atmosphere, its beauty, and spectacular views through the helicopter ride or mountain flight. It’s the most expensive tour in Nepal, but worth it for the people who are looking for it. Mountain flight and helicopter tours in Nepal are probably some of the privileged adventures to do with your loved one and family. Only birds have the privilege to experience the aerial views of snow-capped mountains, valleys, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and beautiful nature which is beyond imagination. You can go for the Everest Helicopter Tour, Annapurna Heli Tour, Gosaikunda Tour, and Muktinath Heli Tour. If you don’t have much time and patience to see the mountains from the closest point, the Helicopter Tour in Nepal package is the best option for you to do in 2022. You can experience the true beauty of the Himalayas right in front of your eyes without any hard effort. 

5. Adventure Sports in Nepal 

Besides the trekking, tours, and lavish travel in Nepal, adventure sports is another popular activity you can do in Nepal. Having a diverse topography, phenomenal landscapes, and geography, Nepal offers dozens of adventure activities for the adventure seeker. Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, White Water Rafting, Boating, Zip flying, Skydiving, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, and many more are popular adventure sports in Nepal. These are the short and widely chosen sports activities in Nepal. These activities are full of thrilling, adventure, and heart-stopping moves while experiencing them. So, make sure that when you are in Nepal, don’t miss these activities.

6. Cultural Tour in Nepal 

Nepal is a small country but rich in culture, religions, and different traditions. The country is the home of heritage sites, temples, monasteries, stupas, historical places, ancient art, architecture, and numerous ethnic grounds with their own festivals and traditions. These areas are the best place to explore who likes to know about these things. Many of the cultural and historical sites in Nepal are still in the renovation process as most of the sites were badly damaged by a massive earthquake that happened in 2015. We recommend exploring most of the UNESCO heritage sites, Buddhist monasteries, and ancient temples around the country. The cultural tour would be easy, small duration, and affordable for everyone. Popular cultural cities like Ghandruk, Panauti, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Chitwan, Bandipur, and many more offer the beautiful cultural significance of respective ethnic groups and their history. You can participate in different festival occasions like Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Chhat Parva, and Teej. Nepal is a unique destination to explore the hundreds of festivals and events around the year despite being a small country.

7. Yoga & Meditation in Nepal 

Nepal is a spiritual land, a land where Buddha was born, a land where god and humans share the trail, a land where Yoga and Meditation were introduced by many Yogi, Priest, and Sage. Besides all the above-mentioned adventure and joyful activities,  you need to make your mind calm, peaceful, and relaxed. For that, Yoga and Meditation are the best to explore in the bottom of the Himalayas and inside the cleanliness of nature. You can discover inner peace and positivity through the diverse form of ancient meditation practice styles. 

According to the Hindu mythological books, Nepal is a sacred place where Rishi Muni used to come and meditate thousands of years ago. Similarly, many Buddhist monks used to come to do meditation in the Himalayas of Nepal. You can also do Yoga in the lap of the mountains which has gained immense popularity in the last few years in Nepal. You can also go for the Yoga treks in Nepal, which are the latest immersing packages in Nepal. 

8. Jungle/Wildlife Safari in Nepal 

Nepal is the home of exotic wildlife as Nepal offers the diverse topography and climate of Nepal. Nepal has 12 National Parks in Nepal, 4 Wildlife Reserves, 6 Conservation Areas, and 1 Hunting reserve in Nepal. Besides this, Sagarmatha National Park and Chitwan National Park are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites as they are actively involved in the preservation and protection of exotic wildlife like the Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, and One-horned Rhinoceros. The National Parks, Conservation Area, and Wildlife Reserves are actively involved in protecting rare wildlife like Red Panda, Leopard, Musk Deer, and many more vulnerable animals and birds. Wildlife Excursions like Bird watching, Jungle Walks, Jungle Safari, Jeep safari, and many more wildlife activities you can experience in Nepal. Bardia National Parks, Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve are popular for jungle activities.

9. Photography Tour in Nepal 

With diverse landscapes, high mountains, stunning views, rich culture, ethnic groups, and high nature, Nepal is one of the prime destinations for photography enthusiasts. Nepal offers a huge range of photography content for the photography passionate who love to capture beautiful moments. Many popular and famous photographers around the globe come here to capture the scenery of beautiful Nepal. The tour would be the most doable tour in Nepal for 2022. 

10. Volunteering in Nepal 

People who want to know more about the Nepali lifestyle, culture, festivals and at the same time contribute their knowledge and skills to the Nepalese people are the best things to do in 2022. Nepalese people are honest, kind and their hospitality is amazing in the global ranking, as you can also learn things and share your knowledge at the same time. This trip would be very helpful for the freshly graduated students who want to spend a few of the months contributing their time.

Besides these, there are numerous activities you can do in Nepal. You can hunt for the different foods of different ethnic groups, explore the Terai region, participate in the Hatti Polo game, and explore homestays in Nepal. At last, Nepal is a complete destination for most of the adventure activities in the world and you must visit here once in your lifetime. Please feel free to contact us anytime for different packages of Nepal.

Sneha Shree Gupta

Sneha Shree Gupta

Sneha has been working in the travel industry for more than three years. While working closely with active climbers and mountaineers, she has been able to collect and write very informative articles. With multiple years of experience, she intends to offer reliable information to travellers from all around the globe.