Adventure Sports In Nepal

Updated on July 07, 2024
Adventure Sports In Nepal

Adventure sports in Nepal give a thrilling experience in between the stunning natural beauty of the country. It is popular among adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. Nepal is a place with diverse landscapes and terrains. There are several spots where you can do adventurous activities and experience thrills. 

Some of the popular adventure sports examples are paragliding, canyoning, ziplining, pokhara skydive, bungee jumping, rafting, ultralightflights, and so on. These sports activities give adventure to different levels of skillsets, including beginners. 

Adventure sports are ideal in Nepal due to the diverse terrain and topography. Just imagine: if there is no current water, then where would you go for rafting? This is common logic. Thanks to the several water resources, you can enjoy water sports in Nepal.

Due to being the destination for the best adventure sports in Nepal, this country is ranked among the top holiday destinations in the world. Every year, several tourists visit to enjoy the outdoor adventure sports in Nepal

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And for more information about adventure sports in Nepal, continue reading the blog till the end. This blog will give you knowledge about different adventure sports popular in Nepal. 


Paragliding in Nepal is a popular outdoor activity that involves flying through the air using a modified parachute. It gives a unique experience of flying, sharing the sky with the birds, and enjoying the jaw-dropping vistas of the serene landscapes and villages. 

This sport is widely popular in the nation, especially in the Pokhara Valley. Pokhara, known as the tourism capital of Nepal, has the best climate and stable weather conditions. 

While going paragliding in Pokhara, you need to reach Sarangkot first. The main launch site of the paraglide is in Sarangkot. After that, you will fly with a professional pilot and land in the plain grassland. 

During the flight, you will get to see the beautiful views of the Annapurna range and the Fewa lake. It is just one example of how paragliding sports are carried out and the experiences you get. There are other spots in the capital city of Nepal. 

As the professional pilot will be with you, prior experience in this sport is not necessary. But you have to be healthy. The professionals will give you a basic briefing and training so you can enjoy the flight without worrying.


Nepal is a country where there are several swiftly flowing rivers. Those rivers are perfect for thrilling rafting experiences. The rivers are the reasons behind the attraction of tourists to the whitewater of Nepal.

Some of the popular rafting destinations where you can go for rafting are the Trishuli River, the Sun Koshi River, the Karnali River, the Bhote Koshi River, the Marshyangdi River, and so on. The Trishuli River is known for being beginner’s friendly. And for the experience, try Karnali River rafting.

All of the rafting trips have experienced and qualified guides who take safety precautions. In addition, the equipment and supervision by the guide provide an extra layer of safety while enjoying the adventure. Moreover, rafting is not just about the adventure but also the cultural immersion in the riverside. You will get to interact with the locals who came for fishing there. Also, you will get to see the scenic beauty of the riverside.

Ultralight Flight

Ultralight flight is an adventure sport popular in the Pokhara Valley of Nepal. You will get to see jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas while flying. This sport provides bird's-eye views of the beautiful Pokhara city.

This is not a normal flight, but it still requires the safety requirements to be fulfilled. All necessary safety equipment is provided to you. The flights are also equipped in such a manner that any emergency can be managed easily. Also, skilled pilots add an extra layer of security.

The major highlight of the flight is that you can enjoy excellent views of the Himalayas, Fewa Lake, and lush green hills through the bubble-like windows of the cockpit. You don’t have to peek out of the window.

The flights take place every day. There are two shifts in which you can make the bookings. From dawn to 9 a.m. and from 2 pm to sunset are the two shifts. These shifts are especially common during the months from September to June. In some cases, like changes in weather conditions, the flights may be canceled.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the extreme sports that involves jumping from a high platform, like a bridge or tower, while being connected to a large elastic cord. This sport makes you feel an extreme adrenaline rush in your body while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Some of the most popular bungee jumping spots in Nepal are Bhote Koshi River bungee jumping, Kushma Bungee jumping, and so on. A New Zealand businessman established the first bungee jumping location at the Bhote Koshi River.

In addition, the Kushma Bungee jump is the nation’s highest bungee jumping spots. You have to be healthy and fit before trying to do this bungee jump. There are various safety factors implemented in those spots.

The bridge that is used for bungee jumping is designed with a 4x safety factor. The trained and skilled staff uses and operates high-quality equipment. You can try this thrilling sport by following the necessary safety guidelines and instructions given by the operators.

Pokhara Skydive

Pokhara skydive is a sport that includes diving from a certain height with a parachute and landing in the plain grassland. This requires so much courage and daring to do and gives you the feeling of the best adrenaline rush in your body. This skydiving operation is a risky sport. So various safety standards are followed. Professionals with experience handling difficult situations run the operations.

Besides the risk factors, the Pokhara skydive presents stunning vistas of the Annapurna range and Pokhara Valley. This activity will take you above the clouds, share the sky with the bird species Luke eagle and vulture, and land in a plain area. 

You can also do a tandem skydive where several other mates dive with you, freefall for 40 seconds, open the parachute, and land. This is a great way to experience jaw-dropping views with loved ones while experiencing the adrenaline rush inside the body in the air. 


Ziplining is a unique adventure sport that involves gliding along a steel cable suspended high above the ground. It gives you the sense of flying while connected to the steel cable. 

This sport is the perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the landscape while experiencing the speed of the 60 km/hr gliding from the heights. Those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature at high speed can try this thrilling sport for once. 

Some of the popular ziplining courses in Nepal are HighGround Adventures (Pokhara), Dhulikhel Zipline (Dhulikhel), Gadhi Zipline (Makawanpur), Chandragiri Zipline (Chandragiri Hills), and so on. These are some of the best ziplining courses.

Among the above-mentioned ziplining courses, the highest-ground adventure is the zipline, which is 1,850 meters long and located in the sarangkot. Chandragiri Zipline is a short zipline but offers the best views of the Kathmandu Valley. 


Canyoning is a thrilling activity that involves descending steep canyon walls and going through a water-filled area. This sport is done by using techniques like descending, jumping, sliding, and swimming. This adventure sport is a unique way to explore Nepal’s rough terrain, waterfalls, rivers, and canyons. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while doing walks, extreme jumps, and rappels. 

Some of the top-notch destinations for canyoning sports in Nepal are the Bhote Koshi River, the Sundarijal area, Jalbire Canyon, and so on. You can go there by bus or private vehicle. If you choose to go with us, we can arrange the accommodations and transportation for you. 

In terms of safety, there will be a professional guide to guide you through the activity. They will ensure your safety and help you by providing training and equipment using techniques. Even if you are an experienced one, there are some spots where you will need guidance. 

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