Company Profile

Mystic Adventure Holidays is established to begin a new chapter in the travel & tour industry of Nepal and beyond it. As the founders themselves, our values and ethics are young & fresh. After working in the tourism industry as a trek and tour organizer for years following the same old approach, we knew the transition was obliged. The change for authentic ventures that go beyond the price of the package, the connection we create between travelers and locals, and the journeys we thrive to organize to cherish lifelong.

Our love for traveling and sharing the experience with others has made us built Mystic Adventure Holidays. We are a government-registered travel company in Nepal. We offer safe and reliable treks, tours, expeditions, and other adventurous outdoor activities. Our expertise and little details make the trips remarkably exceptional with us. 

Trust us, our guests love us for what we offer, and we cannot wait to serve you and make memories amidst the giant mountains of the Himalayas.

Why travelers love Mystic Adventure Holidays

  • Custom design your trip 
    Tailor-made trips for travelers who want things as per their needs and on-demand add ons in the journey.
  • Authentic travel experiences
    Either it is a tour, trek, or expedition, you can curate the entire trip as per your liking, and we will help you do it effortlessly. 

    Our native guide and porters enrich the journey and ensure the best travel experience. Not only they'll show you the route and become your travel companion, but also give you local insights.
  • Support local economy
    We closely work with local communities wherever we keep our feet. While trekking with us, you will be supporting the local economy and giving back to the betterment of mountain society. 
  • Secure & easy booking
    Once you are satisfied with the itinerary and services provided in the package, you can easily book via Mystic Adventure Holidays' secure payment platform. One of our team representatives will support you in every step of booking to make the process smooth.
  • 24/7 support during the trip
    To make the trip top-notch, we will support you during your entire time with us. You can reach out to us anytime for any help.