Health & Fitness Requirement

All of our trekking and climbing packages demand some level of physical fitness. You have to be in good shape to join hiking, trekking, climbing, or mountaineering. Moreover, some of our packages also demand previous trekking/climbing experiences. To know more about necessary physical fitness, check the package's useful information section. 

Before confirming any trip with the guest, we have a small assessment session where we ask about travelers' fitness, previous experiences and suggest pre-departure fitness instructions. We will inform you about all the things that you can do to prepare yourself for the venture, increase your stamina, muscle power, and confidence. 

If you suffer from any disease or have any allergies, we request you to inform us so that we can advise the best trip that will suit you and make all the necessary arrangements for you to have a safe trip. 

We do not believe in limiting the trip because of health issues. We work around it and find the best alternatives. Because we have a traveler's soul!

*FYI: Most of our trekking, hiking, and climbing trips happen in the Himalayas, a place where no one can predict anything. Even with our best effort, things may take a turn. The region we travel to barely has any modern infrastructure, including hospitals, so we may have to air evacuate you in the worst case to offer you quick medical assistance. 

Do know that medical and evacuation expenses are not covered by the company. Therefore, make sure your travel insurance has medical and airlift coverage.

We reserve the right to refuse any person the right to participate in a trip on medical or fitness grounds. If in doubt, we may be able to design a custom adventure not detrimental to your health.