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    Ng YCCountry: MalaysiaDate: December 06, 2023


    It was a wonderful trip. It has been my 8x and each time, the country continues to improve a lot in terms of infrastructure. I love the fishtail lodge in Pokhara, the Fewa Lake which overlooks Annapurna, and the morning sun rising. The mountains, sunrise, people, and their smiley faces will forever be in mind especially when guiding Saroj, and akash on a mystic tour. They are caring and look after us, elderly ladies well. They are knowledgeable and even help to carry my backpack during hiking. They didn't even charge extra for our request in Lumbini...They are awesome 👍. Nepal is a safe destination. Going 8x to the country indicates my attachment to the beautiful country. Do join the mystic tour as the guides are caring and helpful. They even give us lots of gifts for remembrance on our return...Mystic Tour are the BEST🥰👍

  • X
    XY XCountry: MalaysiaDate: November 30, 2023

    Absolutely amazing!

    Been trekking through Poon Hill + ABC this autumn with Mystic Adventure Holidays, which is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Where we enjoyed breathtaking views of mountains & valleys, authentic meals and a basic yet comfy stay along the trek. Especially thank you to Mr Akash, our experienced & caring guide, and his helpful team (thumbs up!). We had the best time ever in Nepal! And can't wait to be back! Will choose Mystic Adventure Holidays again for more adventures in the future! :D

  • Cassgoh
    CassgohCountry: MalaysiaDate: October 13, 2023

    An Unforgettable Journey with Mystic Adventure Holidays

    Our Nepal Poon Hill + ABC trek has ended perfectly. Many thanks to Mystic Adventure Holidays for their well-planned itinerary and arrangements. Their service is very personalized and genuine, and their team is highly professional.

    Special thanks to Mr. Akash, a young and promising individual. Throughout the journey, he consistently kept track of our progress and provided positive encouragement. He sincerely treats every customer. Even in situations where we needed to extend our trip due to physical exhaustion, he was very flexible in rearranging and acting swiftly. Sincere thanks to Mr. Akash, and I wish you all the success in your career.

    Mr. Saroj, my beloved guide, with his patience and considerate nature, made us feel happiness throughout the entire journey. No matter how many times we felt like giving up, he always gently encouraged us to take it slow and not give up. Every time I felt physically drained, he proactively helped carry my backpack. I often playfully called him my Nepali boyfriend.

    Mr. Shamvu, our humble and kind porter. Without his quiet support in carrying our luggage, I don't think we would have ever reached our destination. I'm deeply grateful to him. Every time he arrived at a teahouse, he would drop our bags and then come back to help us with our small backpacks. Every time I saw him approaching, I would loudly call his name. He was like our hero. Though he didn't speak much, we could still feel his warm care.

    If you're still hesitating and happen to come across my review, there's no need to hesitate anymore. Choose Mystic Adventure Holidays for your journey. Let your adventure be surrounded by sincerity, care, and professionalism!

  • Rakibul Islam
    Rakibul IslamCountry: BangladeshDate: November 26, 2022

    We completed ABC trek with Mystic Adventure Holidays

    Nepal, the best country I have ever travelled. I had been planning for going to Nepal but wasn't getting any proper plan then suddenly whirl scrolling on Facebook I got the website of Mystic Adventure Holidays. In their website I got the number of Mr. Akash Karki who gave us lot of ideas what to do and which is better for us In Nepal. Gave us some packages or where I have chosen with my Uncle to do the Annapurna Base cap trek. To be honest It wasn’t a easy decision to take for trekking because we haven’t done it before but really we all wanted to do something adventurous. Then watched many blogs on YouTube and came to know about ABC trek which normally takes 7 days to finish but we had only 7 days to do the whole tour. Thanks to Akash and Mr. Saroj specially because these guys made it happen in only 5 days, though it was quite rush and risky. While trekking some of my team members got injured but the adventure and experienced was huge. We were so lucky to get a tour guide like Mr. Saroj Who behaved like a brother and helped is a lot. When we needed someone to bear the bag then Saroj Brother did it for us and I still remember one thing he said which is You guys are my friend that's why I am carrying. And It's very difficult to get porter to carry things on the mountain. If you get even It's very expensive. He helped us to save money and took care of us. Mr. Saroj gave us company for 2 days extra where the deed was not like that to have him after finishing the trek but he stayed with us. From beginning to the end end they have given tremendous effort for us which we will be remembered for our entire life. So many things could share and explain but nothing is enough to explain the things that Mystic adventure holiday have done for us. So me and my partners are really grateful to them. You guys can take support from them to trek in Nepal
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    JoeyCountry: MalaysiaDate: November 22, 2022

    Good and friendly services

    This tour won't disappoint! We had a fantastic tour guide (Akash) who was very knowledgeable. He gave us a lot of historical and cultiral information and more happy to answer the questions. A great tour would highly recommend it!
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    Loh Ee yeongCountry: MalaysiaDate: November 20, 2022

    Amazing trip

    Hey there, this was a one of my greatest experience with mystic & avider for the ABC trek.Akash, local guide for the trek was so friendly, he can spoke almost up to 3 languages (English, Nepali & little bit of mandarin). You definitely can leave everything on him, there is always a way/ solution for your doubt ! I call him , no problem men !Saroj, one of our guide as well, he is caring man and funny ! He will treat you like precious during the trip. This make me feel so secure during the trip. In short, I can say that their service is so superior in all aspectOnce, thanks to Avider & Mystic for the hosting, the view along the trek was so breathtaking. For me, the most beautiful scenery in Nepal is the people, they are so kind and I will definitely make my second visit again!
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    HYCountry: MalaysiaDate: November 14, 2022

    Great service, Amazing Trip

    Experienced a wonderful and an amazing ABC trekking with Avider partnership with Mystic Adventure Holidays. Our guides Saroj and of course Akash taking good care of us along the way. Thanks to Avider leader taking all the nice photo of us and keep the schedule running well. It’s been a pleasure to be here with you guys and definitely will visit again.
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    Ho Ruenn LiCountry: MalaysiaDate: November 13, 2022

    Tour guide, leader n porters' services provided by Mystic Adventure Holidays, Nepal

    I came to this ABC (10 days) via FB by Avider Group (Penang-Msia & Nepal). Myself & hubby are at our early 50s. We faced so much challenges cos twisted our nerve at knee part on our 1st day trek onwards till 5-6th day. The Mystic (Nepal) tour leader and his team were very helpful. The team members took turn accompanying us during the whole trekking journey, including carrying our backpack without fuss. They also helped my hubby on medical aid in midnite when he was having breathing difficulty due to coldness and high altitude at ABC. Story cut short, accommodation, food, transportation, etc were very well arranged and managed. The team (from team leader, assitant to portals - Akash, Saros, etc.) is very friendly, responsible, helpful and efficient in all areas (planning, managing, organising). Myself n hubby definitely give 101% thumbs up to Mystic (Nepal) n Avider (Msia)'s services who are managed by dedicated and experienced youngsters. We highly recommend Mystic-Avider to enthusiastic hikers/trekkers.My best wishes to Mystic-Avider's future endeavours. You guys have done an extremely GREAT JOB!!! KUDOS!!!